Here are the three main projects we are currently focused on. Feel free to contact us if you'd like to take part!



The backbone of any good cannabis venture, is a very high quality product, that passes all testing standards. Thankfully we have that covered, with years in experience, and dedication to the craft our team excels at producing some of the cleanest cannabis available on the market!.


bubble hash.jpg


One of the key factors in a successful cannabis brand is manufacturing concentrates, edibles, and everything that cannabis can be transformed into. The applications are numerous, which is why we are constantly studying and looking for the greatest manufactured products on the market. Above is just one such product, ice water bubble hash made from some of our strawberry banana flower.



Delivery Service

Without a retail location, no matter the quality of the product, it can become very difficult to actually get it to consumers. This is due to strict regulations which only allows the flow through dispensaries and delivery services. Thankfully we have our eye on localities with favorable delivery service legislation, and are following closely to make sure we can obtain these licenses. This ensures a seamless transition of product straight to the hands of the consumer.