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Here to help you grow premium organic cannabis to impress the pickiest of connoisseurs. Leave the chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides with Bayer and Monsanto, while joining the movement of farmers using natural ecosystems to promote peak plant health!

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Quality comes from Nature.

When it comes to cultivation practices there is a movement to distance ourselves from nature, and all of it's 'messy problems'. From the way we treat insects, to how we farm with chemicals, one thing is apparent, the major disconnect between mankind and the earth. Scientists synthesize chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to control the flow of nature. What's the claim? Well more of course! Higher yields, better quality fruit, less mess, faster harvesting time, and the list of claims go on. BUT, what if it's not the way it seems? What if we've been wrong this whole time, and in doing so destroying the precious planet we call home? At Snowtill we are here to inspire and show you how nature is one step from making your life richer, healthier, and more quality driven. We do this through our growing practices, which we hope exemplify the quality people are truly looking for when it comes to both medicinal herbs, and general produce. 

All photography provided by Joseph Snow



Find out more about our love for soil and natural ecosystems. We want to share this information for the sake of the planet and the precious cargo it holds!

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